Whats The Story?

"That's me!  Peter Evans

          It started probably around 35 years ago when I would watch my Grandad at work.  He would create furniture & shop fittings, he would build things, fix things and fit things, all while I happily hammered nails into an old wooden stool over and over trying my best to be just like him.  I would stare as he carefully and accurately sharpened his chisels and I was always amazed when the thin curls of fresh smelling hardwoods swirled from his plane"

       "I served a full 4 year electrical apprenticeship and became fully qualified in the verification, inspection & testing of electrical installations.  I carried on from there, continuing in property development in all shapes and sizes"

          "I started Brightsafe to fulfill a long held desire to work for myself.  There's a real buzz when you create customer satisfaction.  Even the smallest things can make a huge difference to people."

          "I have experienced first hand when you find yourself dealing with unreliable tradesmen.  We all have busy lives, and theres nothing worse than sitting and waiting for them to turn up.....if they ever do!  My aim is always to keep my clients informed and turn up on time"

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